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The purpose of  this Blog is to express my thoughts in our ever changing Real Estate market. My Name is Ruben Zamora and  I was born in El Paso, Texas.

Originally I was going to study Aerospace Engineering, however my mindset changed after the events of September 11, 2001.  President John F Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”  so therefore, I enlisted and shipped off to boot camp in 2002, shortly after graduating High School.

Military Transition

After receiving my permanent station, I enrolled in Aerospace Engineering at CMSU .  Several deployments later and a couple of F’s I decided to switch my major to Business Management with a minor in Human Resources.  While in college I met a young man who was actively investing in stocks and Real Estate, I became enamored by the idea of residual income and growing my financial education.

I picked up several extracurricular books to include Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad”; I immediately realized that Real Estate was my career path.  A Rich Dad philosophy became engrained into my mind which I then continued reading  through their expansive encyclopedia of Financial Education.  I enrolled in their Rich Dad University and coaching program, which allowed me to purchase my Primary Residence at age 19.


Real Estate & Investment Origins

Looking back, I still remember the day that I walked into the bankers office requesting a loan and getting pre approved.  She looked at me continuously asking me questions but more importantly, was her shock that at such an young age I was a applying for a mortgage.   I purchased a 25 storage unit complex with 6 acres and a commercial space, which was leased to a flower shop, a few years later.

Having a need to fulfill the space I took over the flower shop business and began to manage it my self.  This venture lead to another Venture where I was able to acquisition a Franchise through AAFES and put a flower shop within the military installation.  This contract led to another flower shop where I purchased a piece of history.  I purchase the oldest flower shop in the town at that time.  I accomplished  all of this by the age of 25, and I honestly owe it to the mind set change that Robert Kiyosaki offered.

As I continued my journey in investing and financial education, by now Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump published a book called ” The Art of The Deal”  This also enabled me to further enhance my knowledge into other aspects I hadn’t considered.  I enrolled into Online Trading Academy and began investing in the stock market.  I opened at Roth IRA and began to manage it myself along with day trading commodities, futures, and FOREX.

My Investment career has allowed me to learn about many aspects that Business has to offer. I realized very quickly that the Flower Shop industry was not something that I was fond of. It is buried in many third party fees that many big box website “Flower Shops” offer to consumers, but depend on small business flower shops to fulfill their orders. On top of this was a split in prices which made it difficult for flower shops to be profitable. Unfortunately, with technology and the marketing reach that these Big Brand Flower Shops have it was very difficult to compete and or retain customers.

This is when, I decided that it was time to start selling my flower shops, and I began in reverse, I sold my Oldest Flower Shop, followed by my AAFES acquisition, and lastly my initial flower shop that I had established. It was a bitter sweet feeling but I felt that it was the wisest business move to make.



Currently, I have now moved to Florida where I have established a Real Estate business in the area selling Real Estate to Buyers, assisting sellers in selling their home, and guiding investors when contemplating on investing in Real Estate. I enjoy this new business venture very much as it is rewarding to reach the goal with my clients.

It is my Third Year as a Realtor and I look forward to many more years to come. Keller Williams has offered me a home here in Florida. I have found it to be a great company that offers a lot of benefits. What I enjoy the most of it, is the diversity that it has within its corporate structure. See Keller Williams isn’t only about Real Estate but has much more depth to tit and it offers numerous sources of income from where to grow.

So this is my story short and simple but now that you know about my beginnings, you can understand where my blog goes and what my thoughts are. Look forward to hearing from you and posting comments, feedback, or questions. Thanks and talk to you soon!

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